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Smart Filler

Starke Aussage zur Maschine z.B. „The #1 choice for the medium-to-large ice cream manufacturer

The SMART Filler is a new addition to the BIG DRUM machinery line. This flexible and mobile in-line filler is perfect for running multiple products with limited floor space. Quick change-overs from one product to the next, maximizes up-time and efficiencies.

This new filler can be designed with the standard mechanical lift stations or the more sophisticated servo drives. It can be configured in a 2-Wide or 3-Wide version, depending on your product needs.

Eiscremesorten Sorten (cone, cup, tubs, …) oder Icons
Max. Geschw. 72 pieces/min
Max. Anzahl Bahnen 20
Präzision >99.9%

BIG DRUM has incorporated many benefits and features into the SMART Filler such as:
• For the production of cups, cones, and other small containers
• All Stainless Steel construction
• State of the art touch screen
• Direct Drive line shaft from indexer – no chain to tighten
• All Electrical and Pneumatics are above product area to ensure a clean and dry environment
• No pockets or tubular areas in which bacteria can hide and grow
• Easy access doors – can be opened to 30 degrees for quick inspection or removed for full access
• Automatic lubrication
• Carrier wash unit

The SMART Filler has many off-loading options from simple flat belt conveying to adding a cup collator at the end for a more automated system.

With a footprint of just 3’ wide and 9’ long, the SMART Filler will make a great solution for any ice cream novelty need.




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